Thursday, September 29, 2011

In search of coffee, found neighbors

The bad news? I've been out of coffee for two days. The good news? I live near Uptown Espresso and Bakery. Walking my dog down early on this brisk fall morning let me chat with a few people commuting down Andover to Delridge about the imminent construction on the Fauntleroy Expressway. None of the folks I chatted with knew about the construction although the West Seattle Blog has been covering it.

The construction means, inevitably, that morning commuter traffic, eastbound, down Genesee and Andover to Delridge will increase the traffic feeding on to the West Seattle Bridge eastbound.

I've emailed the SDOT project contact, Maribel Cruz, to ask what impact the construction will have on commute times along these routes, but so far haven't had word, though I'm still working on it.

The work is necessary since we all want the road to be made safer.  It would be helpful if commuters could plan for delays, and, even better, be encouraged to bus or carpool.

If you would like information or to be included on the project email list, email Ms. Cruz.


Amanda Leonard said...

SDOT project managers will be coming to the next NDNC meeting on Oct 10th. I strongly urge anyone in our area to attend to get questions answered.

From what I know so fart, the road closures are going to be off-peak times. Actual dates were not known, but may be ready to announce at the NDNC meeting. They promised that they would not have any closures at the same time as the viaduct closure.

Amanda Leonard said...

*far, not fart....opps