Monday, September 12, 2011

Delridge Skatepark is not quite open, but it will be SOON!

Kelly Anderson, Parks Dept. project manager for the Delridge Skate Park, gave me a run down of the final week's work to get the skate park ready for Saturday's opening. It will be a busy week, but there isn't much more to do. The pedestrian path on the west side will be completed, and curbing repaired along Genesee. The second bench will be tiled (more on that below), and sod will be put down around the park. Either grass or mulch will be put down around the base of the tree in the center of the park.

I asked Kelly about the drainage since that had been one of the biggest areas of concern before construction.Happily, there were no huge surprises there. Kelly said the drainage has been working really well during our wet summer. There was a minor glitch with the parking lot entrance to the park, but a small redesign solved that.

Most of us have noticed the new picnic areas and tiling on the bench on the east side of the park. The picnic areas are courtesy of some funds that were available for just such a project. Kelly Davidson put in a good word for us, and so we now have ADA accessible picnic areas. The tiling is a result of a King County Grant. Kelly encouraged Ashley Miller of the The Service board to propose a project, which she did, and the tiling is the result of that project.

Despite all the skating, the park is not yet open. If you're a skater, or you have anxious kids who are, please know that jumping the fence hurts Grindline who is responsible for security. They've worked like fiends on this project, and are going above and beyond to make it great for skaters and the community, so, for their sake, please hold off for just a few more days. Also know this: trespassing is an $85.00 fine. Ouch.That said, the skaters have been respectful of the park and the neighbors, so far as I know, so it's not that you're not welcome, it's just that the park is still under construction.

Don't forget the opening is this Saturday, the 17th, with dedication ceremonies starting at 1:00 pm. But come out early and enjoy all the Delridge Days activities.

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