Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New energy for East-West transit serving Delridge?

Martin H. Duke has a new post over at Seattle Transit Blog taking another look at the advisability of the previously shelved route 50, an east-west transit route connecting North Delridge to the Junction and connecting West Seattle to Southeast.

This would be a significant step in increasing Delridge residents' access to jobs, goods, and services; reducing the historic separation between Delridge and the rest of West Seattle; and knitting together the set of South Seattle communities that share so much in common.  I would personally advocate strongly for it. 

Head on over to Sound Transit Blog for the whole story. Leave comments!


"One early component of Metro’s Southeast Seattle service reorganization proposal was replacing Route 39, running from Seward Park to downtown, with a Route 50 that would run from Seward Park to the Junction in West Seattle. The 50 would have had a sizeable diversion through Sodo to improve connections from both neighborhoods to jobs there... Crosstown connections between West Seattle and Southeast Seattle are atrocious, often requiring a trip all the way downtown; connecting West Seattle’s transit hub with a route that crossing all the key corridors in the Rainier Valley would solve this problem."

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Chad said...

This is a great idea. Whether or not Route 50 is started, another route that uses Avalon Way, such as the 22, could follow this routing to connect the West Seattle Junction with Delridge. This revision could occur when routes are adjusted for Rapid Ride "C."