Monday, April 25, 2011

NDNC Selects Project Prioritization

This year's proposed projects for the Delridge District were all contributed by residents of the North Delridge.  Way to go, everyone!  The hard part is now prioritizing those projects for review by the city. 

North Delridge Neighborhood Council met this Saturday morning to review the proposed projects and have selected the following three projects to proposed to SDOT.

Traffic Light at Genesee & Avalon

Traffic light with pedestrian crossing signals for the intersection of SW Genesee St and Avalon Way Sw. Intersection has extremely poor sight lines for pedestrians and drivers. Major Metro and school bus stops as well as pedestrian crossings from adjacent multifamily apartment and condominium buildings. Very steep incline of SW Genesee makes it difficult.

Reasoning:  Delridge residents are currently cut off from the rest of West Seattle by bus. By car, bike and foot, this intersection is the way many Delridge residents access West Seattle's commercial district and Alki. In our discussion we see a traffic light here relevant for safety, to reduce neighborhood "cut-throughs" which have become problematic for residents and to encourage an eventual and much needed bus stop at this site.

A well traveled intersection, this is a high priority for our neighborhood who is dependent on accessing the rest of West Seattle to get to our banks, grocery stores and other necessities. We see supporting traffic at this intersection as a key step to supporting existing needs as well as growth and accessibility of Delridge as Delridge itself grows and becomes more of a commercial center.
Crosswalk at Delridge & Edmonds 

Crossing Delridge Way is dangerous with no crosswalks except at signals in North Delridge. At the intersection of Edmunds St and Delridge Way SW there are two bus stops located at opposite corners of the street, plus a local coffee shop, Pearls. This intersection sees a lot of foot traffic as a result. On the north end of Delridge Way, there is a slight turn, which creates poor visibility for pedestrians wishing to cross the street. We want to have a cross walk light on SW Edmunds to help make crossing Delridge safer.

Reasoning:  This is a dangerous place for pedestrians to cross Delridge. Many do walk across with traffic flying by while others walk several blocks to try to locate a safer crossing. We see this as an important project to support the growth of a commercial district on Delridge, to encourage walkability, a shared aim of many Delridge organizations, and to support one of the few businesses in our neighborhood.

We feel strongly that this must be a pedestrian light, not just white stripes on the road; during much of the year visibility is poor and cars drive fast on Delridge Way.
Crosswalk at Delridge and Findley

Project proposes a crosswalk that crosses the intersection of Delridge and Findley.

Reasoning:  This is another dangerous and well traveled intersection. The recent Pho Aroma restaurant is popular and drawing a crowd from both Delridge and beyond. Next door, Olympia Pizza, and hair salon, the Super 24 across Findlay and a new business going in soon make this an up and coming hub for commercial activity on Delridge. We want to encourage this growth.

Again, we see this as an important project to support the development of a commercial district on Delridge, to encourage walkability, a shared aim of many Delridge organizations, and to support one of the few existing businesses in our neighborhood so they can succeed and encourage others to set up shop here in our neighborhood where so few services are offered currently.
We will keep you apprised of the developments, but this is a lengthy process.  As soon as the top three projects are selected, they will be submitted to SDOT for review.  SDOT makes thier recommendations and then the City will have to make a selection based on the recommendations and input from residents.

If you feel passionately about any of the above projects, then please come to our next meeting on Monday May 9th at 6:30pm at the Delridge Branch Library.  It may take all of voicing our opinion to get these projects approved by the City

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