Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Heart Delridge?

At the retirement dinner for Ron Angeles, Ron proudly showed off his shirt, SuperMan Style:

I designed these T-Shirts to raise some money for the Delridge Playground build in 2009. We sold out, so I had more made last summer to benefit the NDNC. About 70 folks are sporting their "Heart Delridge" shirts around the neighborhood and beyond. Plus a handful more who came out to our booth at the Delridge Night Market where we hosted a "Screen Print Your Own" shirt activity.

Do you have one? Where do you Heart Delridge? Let us know, and share!

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Your Neighbor,


Karrie Kohlhaas said...

I love it! It would be great to see more photos like this taken from around town, even around the world. Where can someone get a Heart Delridge T-shirt if they don't have one?

Miranda said...

WE love you Ron!

Miranda said...

WE love you Ron!