Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Neighborhood Projects Fund 2011

Is there an improvement you think the city should make in your neighborhood? Now is the time to ask! There is about $1.2 Million for 2012 that is set aside for neighborhood improvements to streets and parks. These funds are unique because Neighborhood Project Fund (NPF) projects are proposed by the community.

This money can be used for small-scale (up to $90K per project) street or parks improvements, such as sidewalk repair, traffic circles and traffic calming, sidewalks, school zone speed limit signs, playground improvements, etc. NPF projects are required to meet the following criteria:

- Projects funded by the Cumulative Reserve Subfund (approx. $1 Million total) can only be used for maintenance or repairs, projects which address safety issues, or upgrades related to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) like wheelchair access improvements; and must relate to the implementation of an existing Neighborhood Plan. View Neighborhood Plans online.
- Projects funded by the Neighborhood Street Fund (approx. $200K total) must be transportation-related. These projects may include new construction and do not have to relate to Neighborhood Plans, but there is less money to go around in this fund.

Visit the Neighborhood Projects Fund website for more information, or download the 2011 Fact Sheet and the 2011 Application

The Delridge District Council will be vetting proposals from this district over the next few months.  Drop in to a meeting or contact a councilmember to be sure your idea is heard. 

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