Sunday, January 30, 2011

City Hall Open House 2011: NDNC Report

Did you know that 1% of City Utility Bills fund the City’s Art Collection? The collection furnishes the offices, hallways and lobbies of City Hall. The Collection will show at the Seattle Art Museum for free from May 10 – October 23, 2011.

That was just one of the many things we learned during the City Hall Open House on Jan. 29th. We (Amanda Leonard and Holli Margell) represented the NDNC during the City Hall Open House. Prior to the Mayor’s speech, we visited the City partner’s tables where various offices and organizations both within the city and community provided information. We made some key contacts for future projects. Amanda also made contact regarding old trees in disrepair, those ones that impede street parking along Delridge Way. She has one to deal with outside her front door.

During Mayor McGinn’s speech he outlined some goals for the city. His speech focused on the goal of transparency in the running of City Hall. He also shared how important it is for everyone to help make this city great. As he encouraged folks to get engaged and volunteer, he said, "Let me be very clear about this, we need you to help us meet our vision for the city."

After the speech, we went on the Mayor’s Office Tour, which provided a brief opportunity to preview a new online Pothole Reporting System that will go live on Friday. Their goal is a 95% response time within 3 days of receipt of a report. We also visited the Mayor’s office, and he spent a few minutes listening to specific problems, offered some solutions and promised to follow up. He also encouraged folks to leave him a message on his white board. Amanda posed next to it for me.
We didn’t have a chance to get a word or photo with the Mayor, but found the City Council Office Tour to be very productive. We visited the office of Tom Rasmussen, Mike O’Brian and Sally Bagshaw. Tom Rasmussen listened as Amanda described the need for traffic calming in Delridge, and more specifically the fact that we need cross walks.

If you have further questions, or want to get involved with the North Delridge Neighborhood Council, please join us during our monthly meetings: Second Monday of the Month (yes, this Feb. 14th) at the Delridge Library, 5423 Delridge Way Southwest, from 6:30-7:45pm in the Conference Room.

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