Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Cider Press!

A fun way to use up apples, and meet or catch up with your neighbors - join us for this season's Cider Press!

When: October 23, 12-4pm
Where: Karl’s house, 5624 26th SW,
What to bring: your own CLEAN windfall, store bought or gleaned apples, pears and your own containers, plus snacks to share. Please don't bring your dogs.

Last year my family brought half a paper grocery bag full of apples and that made 2 quarts of fresh cider. We washed the apples, and didn't cut them up or trim off those parts that bugs nibbled. It was a great way to make use of apples we would have otherwise put in the compost bin.

Plus Karl's garden is a local treasure - it's been part of the West Seattle Garden Tour.


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Aaron said...

My experience is that fall apples generate about 1.5+ gallons per 5 gallons of apples. My Gravenstien tree (summer apples, July) generate less. There is no need to "clean" the apples. We just pick them up off the ground. Spray them off in a wheel barrow if you like just before use. DON'T USE BLEACH! Don't use cow manure or Zoodoo around your fruit trees and you will be safe (Odwalla). My arborist says the best food for trees is wood chips out to the drip line and the trees own leaves. Fruit trees should have all the fruit picked up every year to limit bugs. I used to not do that and had a big moth problem. No longer. Still, the moths come in cycles. Some years more than others. I don't worry about worms or scab. A little dirt is even OK. If making hard cider, it is impossible to get sick (other than alcohol overdose). I guess if dog poop or something were on the apples that would be bad.
I have been pressing apples for over 15 years from our trees (grapes and cherries too). I once made "Pearie" from the pear tree in Greg Davis Park before it was a park! It was awesome! I have a cider press to loan!