Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Washington Bus registering voters in Delridge/West Seatle this Saturday

Ride on the Magic Vote Bus! August 14th in West Seattle
Christina Rocks serves as the Field Coordinator/Official Badass with the Washington Bus. For those not yet familiar with the Bus, it is a force and a resource for the youth, promoting civic engagement and all around good times. More from their website, and their blog

Pow Pow Democracy Pow Pow!

There are no other words to describe how excited we are for the Magic Vote Bus!!!
And yes, we will be even more excited to see you there with us, this Saturday in Delridge! We can’t wait for you to help us get young people out to vote in the August 17th primary!

We will be meeting at the Delridge Playfield (Delridge Ave SW and SW Genesee St) in West Seattle for coffee, bagels, hands-on training, and assorted hi-jinks. We will then go door-knocking in West Seattle to raise awareness about the August 17th Primary (which is on August 17th) and to make sure young people sign, stamp, and send in their ballots!

And because we, the Summer Fellows, love nothing more than a celebration of good politics, after knocking on doors, we’ll head over to Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to be greeted by live music, PRIZES, and even MORE food. Because we love food. And prizes. And music.

Aren’t you hella excited? Aren’t you hella stoked? Aren’t YOU hella bus? Why yes, yes you are.
RSVP today on Facebook, and if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to Tunny at

Bus love.



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