Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aging Your Way - Conversations for Change September 23

From Joanne Donohue at Senior Services

Aging YOUR Way

Will your community will be able to support you in the way you want so you can stay there as you age?

Baby Boomers are riding the wave to their senior years at a rapid pace but are notoriously resistant to talking about aging, and it's clear they are not interested in aging the way their parents did. To be ready for this demographic shift, communities need to be ready to handle the increase in the capacity and type of services and programs which will be required.

Baby Boomers and other younger-thinking older adults are already re-designing their communities to support them as they age.

Senior Services is bringing community gatherings to neighborhoods around King County and the participants are outstripping all goals and expections we've had! We've held events in SE Seattle and in Shoreline already.

Want to be part of the action? Attend one of the “Aging Your Way” community gatherings in your area.

Join us at an event in your neighborhood to develop your vision and ideas, and work on implementing them! Jim Diers, community development expert and professional facilitator, leads participants in identifying what they care about and creating their vision of what their community will need to look like. Action teams are formed and people are empowered to use their skills, knowledge and passion to make their vision a reality.
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