Monday, January 11, 2010

WSB: Delridge Skatepark: Date set for next move – finalizing funding

Thanks so much to the folks at West Seattle Blog for being at the citywide Skatepark Advisory Committee to bring us this report on next steps for the Delridge Skatepark. Go to WSB for the full story. Highlights:

...if you support the Delridge Skatepark and want to be sure it clears the final turns on the way to hitting the home stretch toward construction, you might want to be at the City Council Parks Committee meeting, 9:30 am January 21 (one week from Thursday).

...the Parks Committee is now chaired by new Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, so supporters want to be sure she knows the Delridge Skatepark plan has garnered lots of love along the way.

...West Seattle-residing committee member Matthew Lee Johnston... noted that there would be an opportunity for public comment, too, though instead of having 50 people take the mike, he and chair Ryan Barth suggested, “if we all just stood up and said, hey, we support it,” that would work too. Letters of support also were encouraged (you can e-mail councilmembers through the addresses you’ll find here).

Read more at West Seattle Blog.

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