Wednesday, January 27, 2010

White Center Neighborhood Plan is now online

From the White Center Community Development Association:

The White Center CDA is proud to announce that we have placed our Neighborhood Action Plan online, and in 5 different languages.

At the December 5, 2009 Community Summit, the White Center CDA unveiled the latest version of the White Center Neighborhood Action Plan: Building Community Together. This Plan is a roadmap for a partnership of residents, organizations, businesses and government agencies on how to work together to make White Center a thriving place that sustains local businesses and provides places for families to eat, shop, learn, play, worship and gather. This Plan presents a series of 8 linked strategies and a set of specific action items (over 100!) to help realize the community’s vision. Over 50 lead agencies have committed to action items to complete and track, with community support, over the years.

Unique to this Plan is that it is an evolving document that requires everyone in the neighborhood to participate. Unlike most plans that sit on the shelf, it will be used regularly by all partners and updated every year at the Community Summit.

This Plan also applies to any annexation scenario. Residents in our community are facing a crucial decision, as they will soon vote to determine if portions of White Center should remain in unincorporated King county or be annexed by the cities of Burien or Seattle. This plan does not advocate for one outcome over another. Rather, it conveys a community-driven vision, strategy and priority actions that apply equally to any annexation scenario. The hope is that the Cities and the County will want to partner and co-invest with the neighborhood to achieve joint goals and ensure that the community’s needs are met.

The White Center CDA is the neighborhood intermediary and chief architect of the White Center Neighborhood Action Plan. Funding to support the Plan came from Impact Capital ( through their Vibrant Communities Initiative.

To download, right-click and "save as" to your computer. If you are using a Mac, hold the control button on the keyboard and click on the link with your mouse.

Full Plan (Large .PDF file, 2.63MB)

4-Page Executive Summaries
KHMER (Large .PDF file, 6.9MB)

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