Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Neighborhood Project Fund

Ron Angeles reminds us that there is an opportunity to have the City fund small scale street improvement and parks maintenance projects. We're posting here in hopes of new ideas or feedback on what's important in the Delridge Neighborhoods.

From Ron Angeles:

As I mentioned briefly at our last District Council meeting… Here’s an opportunity to fund small scale street improvement and parks maintenance projects in you neighborhood.

Please see attached information regarding the 2010 process, timeline, applications and 2009 rollover projects and share with your constituents.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ron Angeles
Dept. of Neighborhoods
Neighborhood District Coordinator

If you have an idea or a preference, please contact Ron.


to: District Coucil Chair(s)
City Neighborhood Council (CNC)

from: Veronica ShermaN-King, Department of Neighborhoods
subject: Neighborhood Project Fund (NSF/CRF)/ Limited Process 2010 & Open application process for 2011

date: January 25, 2010
cc: Stella Chao
Kimberlee archie
Neighborhood District Coordinators

The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) has appreciated the volunteer efforts across all District Councils in support of the Neighborhood Projects Fund (Neighborhood Street Fund & Cumulative Reserve Sub-fund). The collaborative process of accepting and reviewing applications provides an opportunity for community stewardship, and localized neighborhood input throughout the City of Seattle. Unfortunately due to staffing cuts, DON is unable to provide the same level of administrative support, as in prior years, for the 2010 NPF process. This memo is provided to District Council Chairs and the City Neighborhood Council to outline the 2010 process and pave the way for the 2011 process.

Attached you will find a timeline for 2010 NPF process. After internal discussion with SDOT, and Parks, and the CNC Transportation Subcommittee - it has been decided that the 2010 process will mirror the current large project, Bridging the GAP Process. There will not be a City-wide Application process. Previously, DON had a dedicated position that supported this application process, along with Neighborhood Planning Implementation tracking. In mid 2009, this position was cut, and limited duties transferred to the Neighborhood District Coordinator Manager and Administrative Assistant.

DON will support an abbreviated process this year, and capitalize on the remaining 154 applications received from 2009. As outlined in the attached timeline and materials for 2010, District Councils shall determine whether new applications will be received for their districts, in addition to those received in 2009. District Coordinators will need to staff this process. Councils should then prioritize projects in order of significance. Thereafter SDOT will perform a review; and Councils can opt to re-prioritize a second round, or not. Please review the enclosed materials and check-in with your District Coordinator. They have all been briefed on this process; and I am also available to answer specific questions.

As it relates to the 2011 process, DON will accept new applications for next year’s (2011) process in parallel to this year’s abbreviated process. This will not be done online, as staffing is not currently available, however applications can be received at DON office, fax, or emailed as outlined the 2011 application (also attached). Applications will be accepted City-wide from February 1st, 2010 to November 30th, 2010. Please encourage community members to consider making application during the course of this year as ideas arise, and particularly in those areas where no new applications will be reviewed for 2010. DON in turn will catalog the application, create a basic spreadsheet per district and provide confirmations to applicants as materials are submitted. Confirmations will be provided via email. Please contact me by phone or email at (206) 684-0270/, if you have questions.

Attached –
2010 NPF Timeline
Project List from 2009;
Fact Sheet and Application for 2010; and
Application for 2011

Final 2010 NPF Timeline With Details

Delridge 2009 Rollover Projects

2011 NPF Application

2010 NPF Fact Sheet

2010 NPF Application

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