Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forest Steward Orientation March 13

Forwarded by Adam Jackson at King Conservation District:

Forest Steward Orientation

We would like to invite you to attend the Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward Orientation on March 13, 2010 from 10am-3:00pm at Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center. This is an opportunity to be a part of an exciting, innovative and nationally recognized partnership between the City of Seattle, its residents, and the Cascade Land Conservancy. The purpose of the Green Seattle Partnership is to restore, maintain, and steward Seattle’s forested parklands. We will build on restoration work that is already underway with a citywide goal of restoring 2,500 acres of forested parkland by 2025. Meeting this goal will be a tremendous effort, but it also has the opportunity to bring extraordinary benefits to all of us who live in Seattle. Forest Stewards play an integral role in the success of this effort. We hope that through this program, we can assist volunteers in making their efforts even more effective and rewarding.

The orientation will cover:

  • The purpose, structure and benefits of the Green Seattle Partnership.
  • How to prioritize your restoration sites (basic urban forestry).
  • How to create and implement a volunteer forest restoration project.
  • Volunteer event protocols, appropriate paperwork for planning and reporting events.
  • Seattle Parks Volunteer/Forest Steward Registration

Once a Forest Steward has attended the orientation they will work with the GSP Project Manager and Parks Staff to develop a restoration project and a system for tracking their project progress. In return, the Forest Steward will be eligible to receive tools, materials, technical assistance and specialized training needed to implement a successful community based forest restoration project. Forest Stewards also have opportunities to network with more than 75 other Forest Stewards working in parks across Seattle.

We have attached a more detailed description of the Forest Steward’s duties for your review.

If you are interested in being a Forest Steward but do not have a particular park in mind, please go to our website to find parks in need of a Forest Steward.

REGISTER HERE or go to http://www.greenseattle.org/ by March 8, 2010. Please be sure you are available to attend the Forest Steward Orientation on March 13, 2010 from 10am-3:00pm at Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center.

Thank you for your interest in restoring our urban forests and making our amazing city an even better place to live!
If you have any questions about the program contact Joanna Nelson joannan@cascadeland.org / 206-905-6913


The Green Seattle Partnership

Green Seattle Forest Steward

Green Seattle Project Manager

Seattle, WA

Volunteer, with (ideally) two year term of service

The Green Seattle Partnership is a 20-year effort to restore 2,500 acres of forested parkland in the City of Seattle. Green Seattle Partnership Forest Stewards will lead volunteer restoration work in a forested parkland, bringing together the needed volunteers, materials, technical knowledge, and other resources to make on-the-ground forest restoration a reality. Individual stewards wishing to adopt a forested parkland area may apply or Community Forest Stewardship Groups, also known as “Friends of” or “Adopt a Park” groups, may nominate one or two representatives to serve as a “Forest Steward” and Green Seattle Partnership representative.

· Serve as key contact person for the Green Seattle Partnership
· Coordinate volunteer forest restoration events and activities in your forested parkland
· Manage event and material requests, sign-in sheets, and work logs
· Coordinate with GSP staff to develop site restoration plans
· Attend annual training event

· Ability to attend at least one training event per year
· Ability to coordinate and lead at least 4 volunteer events per year (events can range from 3-5 friends or family members getting together to larger work parties with many community volunteers)
· Ability to organize and manage diverse activities and set priorities; flexible under pressure
· Ability to develop a positive working relationship with staff, volunteers, donors, and community supporters
· Ability to work under physically demanding conditions, including cold and wet weather

· Experience coordinating and leading volunteer events
· Knowledge of forest restoration and invasive species removal practices
· Experience working with or teaching youth, young adults and adult volunteers in an environmental education setting
· Good organizational and computer skills

Joanna Nelson joannan@cascadeland.org / 206-905-6913

For more information on Cascade Land Conservancy and the Green Seattle Partnership: http://www.greenseattle.org/

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