Thursday, November 5, 2009

North Delridge Bridging the Gap Street Projects

NDNC Prioritized Bridging the Gap Street Projects

On November 4, 2009, during the North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting, 19 neighbors voted to prioritize this list.

1) 2007-392 Delridge Way SW between SW Andover and Myrtle Streets: Traffic Calming by adding a median with trees and plants to the turn lane where it is not needed to actually turn onto a side street. - Projected Cost: $6,800,000-$8,320,000
2007-425 SW Brandon Street between 23rd and 30th Aves SW: Sidewalk to continue across creek and up the hill. The sidewalk would continue from the north side, then continue on the south side up the hill. Why the switch? Probably because of a drainage/stability issue - but not certain. Cost: $2,060,000-$2,520,000
3) 2007-396 SW Hudson Street between 26th Ave. S.W. and Puget Blvd. SW: Add a sidewalk. This stretch doesn't have a sidewalk, and it is heavily used to reach the bus stop on the South East corner of Delridge Way and Hudson Street, and as a school bus stop. Cost: $1,300,000-$1,600,000
2007-402 25th Ave SW between SW Brandon and Juneau Streets: Sidewalk with new drainage system. This would change how people could park in front of their homes. Cost: $1,480,000-$1,820,000
5) 2007-399 SW Edmunds Street between 25th Ave. SW and Cottage Pl. SW: Sidewalk. There is no sidewalk currently. It would cross Delridge adjacent to Pearl's and is located close to two bus stops. This project would cut into some yards per the city's 60 feet property line. Cost: $490,000-$610,000
6) 2007-400 26th Ave SW between SW Graham and Puget Blvd SW: Sidewalk on East side of the street only. No sidewalks currently exist in this stretch of 26th. This would affect how people park in front of their homes. Cost: $1,980,000-$2,440,000
7) 2007-397 SW Findlay Street between 23rd and 26th Aves SW: Sidewalk with new ADA corner Bulbs, drainage and widening the street to meet the city's 60 feet criteria. There is an existing sidewalk, this project would cut into some people's yards, but be an improvement compared to the current sidewalk. Cost: $850,000 - $1,050,000.

If you'd like to voice your support of any projects, please attend the Delridge District Council meetings - the next one is Nov. 18th from 7-9pm at
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW

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