Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Summary of Delridge Play field public meeting #1

Here are my notes from the meeting Monday night about the Delridge Playfield renovation. Please note that I'm not a trained reporter. I just attended as a neighbor. Any errors or omissions are my own.

- This was the first of two public meetings
- Construction is scheduled to start in May, 2010 and be complete September/fall of 2010.
- The new field will have 2 soccer, one softball, one baseball, and two ultimate Frisbee fields.
- Will maintain ADA accessibility to the north, add/improve ADA access to the south
- Will replace backstops, field, drainage, lights, install artificial grass-like surface.
- No money for bleachers.
- The preferred turf (from FieldTurf) is lead free according to Holden and manufacture's website
- Concern about VOCs from artificial surface that is made from recycled tires.
- Questions about using other, less volatile material.
- Holden said he would find out how strong the VOCs will be, and what alternatives might be available and report at the next meeting.
- Concrete, wheelchair accessible path around entire field. Non-permeable surface.
- Baseball will be in the SW corner, softball in the NE. There will be one permanent baseball mound striped for two...distances, IIRC.
- Audience members asked for lacrosse striping. Lacrosse fields are nearly the same size as soccer fields. Holden said the city doesn't want to "over" strip fields. Audience member suggested making a mock up of striping for next meeting so people and designers can see what it would look like.
- No changes regarding parking planned
- Lighting is from the 1960. 122 fixtures on 15 poles will be replaced by 50 fixtures on 12 poles. Studies of the site show spill light (light that falls elsewhere than on the field, will be improved). New lights will be more energy efficient.
- Glare will be improved by new lights and because the surface will not reflect as much light.
- Laurel Heights and Lower Woodlands are recent projects using similar lighting technology.
- New lights will fix current buzzing/humming sound. When installed, neighbors and lighting engineers will evaluate and redirect, if possible, any problem lights, and check for buzzing.
- Turf has a lifespan of about 10 years and will cost 500,000 to replace. ETA: the cost will be approximately 500K. Holden said product is not recyclable, but the manufacturer's website says it is.
- Metal cleats won't be allowed (by signage)
- The city will look into a short fence to discourage vehicles from driving up on the field.

Project website: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/projects/delridge_playfield/
Turf manufacture website, environmental information:

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