Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Delridge Skate Park On-Hold

West Seattle Blog broke the news that funding for the Delridge Community Center Skate Park has been cut from the budget under consideration. I am writing this post in hope that supporters will write to the City Council and Mayor's office requesting that funds be restored.

The City's history with getting skate parks built is sketchy at best. After long consideration of their benefit and careful planning on optimal siting, they've started and stopped several skate parks in West Seattle, bowing to community pressure.

Last summer the City again resolved to build a West Seattle park, this time at the Delridge Community Center. The neighborhood largely supports it, especially after design team and city project manager addressed our concerns.

There is growing sense the corner of Delridge and Genesee is a portal to North Delridge. The site is advantageous for a skate park because it is highly visible and it's close to the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center with many youth programs, the Delridge Community center with youth programs and sports, and the Southwest Youth & Families Services. It is on two major bus lines, possibly three if the #50 bus service starts along Genesee.

In short, the site is ideal, the neighborhood is supportive, and the City has already contracted for the design. The City set the expectation the park is being built. Cutting the budget, even if it's a delay, will certainly undermine the City's credibility in this area when and if the park is ever reconsidered.

The economy is challenging in the extreme, and the City Council has a difficult task in front them. I respect that. I respectfully disagree with this choice for trimming the budget. I don't take spending money lightly, but I am willing to invest when it's prudent. This is a prudent project, in my opinion.

Make some noise for positive development in North Delridge. Let the City Council know why you believe this project should go forward.

Write to Councilmembers:
Tom Rasmussen
Richard McIver

Write Mayor Nickels

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