Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eco-Green Halloween at Camp Long

Eco Green Halloween

“The Celts of the British Isles used cross-quarter days (days half way between the equinox and the solstice) to mark the beginnings of seasons," says John Mosley of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. "Winter began with Halloween, or as they called it, 'Samhain' (typically pronounced SOW-in). Halloween marked the transition between summer and winter, light and dark -- and life and death."

This prompts thought about how our choices will affect the difference between life and death on our planet.

Not so long ago, Halloween was a low-budget holiday. We spent more time and effort on costumes and decorations, than we did money. Consequently, we were being “green” without calling it that. We made costumes from old clothes, sheets, cardboard boxes and other recycled materials. We bobbed for apples, a healthy alternative to candy, and the only waste produced was compost and water. And we used pillow cases for bags to collect candy.

Not that it was all healthy and environmental, mind you. But now that we are more environmentally aware, we can bring back some of those practices to help address our own health, and that of our community and our planet. Here are some new tips we can consider too.
· Environmental Defense recommends walking, riding a bike, or using public transportation for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. If you have to drive, carpool to help reduce traffic and air pollution.
· Try to re-use Halloween decorations in the same way that other holiday ornaments are used from year-to-year, instead of throwing them away each November 1.
· When planning a Halloween party, use reusable utensils, plates, napkins. and tablecloths instead of disposable ones.
When you shop for Halloween treats, buy candy that uses the least packaging.
Use shakable flashlights to light your way. They’re fun for the kids too.
Use LED lights in addition to or instead of candles. They last as much as 133 times longer than incandescents and cost 80% less to use. They’re also safer around children than candles or regular bulbs because they don’t generate heat.

And please join us for:

Eco-Green Halloween
Ages 2 and older
Join us for a spooky good time and be “green” while you’re at it! Hike our luminaria trail from cabin to cabin where you will find cool eco-experiments the likes of which you may never have seen. Then enjoy yummy “green” treats and an environmental film in the lodge. This is fun for all ages.
Saturday, October 25, 6:30–9:30 p.m. Please call 206-684-7434 for more information.

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