Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stay Young in Seattle with Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

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Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Several weeks ago I had the chance to chat with Hollis, who works part-time at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, located in West Seattle. Hollis is a full-time student at Seattle U, but finds time to help Youngstown with marketing and event management — she also immediately ‘got’ what we’re trying to enable with TeachStreet, because she’s their community maven, having already set them up (and maintains them) Youngstown on MySpace and other spots!

They’ve got a tremendous variety of classes on TeachStreet, and we hope to keep them as a long-time resident — the good news is it looks like we’re already sending a bunch of prospective students their way (that’s one of the benefits of being an Admin… we get to see what’s going on behind the scenes!).

Jack Black

Picture: Creative Commons | spartus

One really cool new relationship they’ve recently formed is with Seattle’s Rock School (Rock School exposes aspiring young musicians to a rich musical curriculum designed to inform as well as inspire) — this class was listed on TeachStreet from the very beginning, and the feedback from the community was awesome — think of it as part Jack Black, part Axl Rose, and a little West Seattle thrown in — just mix, and rock!

At a higher level, though, Youngstown’s a great place to rediscover the kid in you — they’ve got classes ranging from Poetry to Bellydance, from Tai Chi to Art. — so, what are you waiting for? Stay Young with Youngstown!

NOTE — If you haven’t been to this facility yet, really, it’s worth a visit on one of these gorgeous Seattle days — The center is owned by the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) — DNDA raised $12 million to acquire and complete the historic renovation of the building, and it’s just gorgeous. Youngstown offers affordable rental spaces suitable for a variety of uses from live performances, classes and workshops to business, civic and social occasions.

Available resources in over 25,000 square feet of public space include a recording studio, media lab, 150 seat performance venue, movement studio, workshop, promenade gallery, and convenient conference and classroom spaces. All spaces are available for rental to the public. You can visit their website here.

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