Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seattle Weekly piece on the act at Skylark this weekend

In the Seattle Weekly, a CD review of the act performing at Delridge venue Skylark Cafe on Friday.  

Alt Rock Coffee Shop Drop


Those of you who still can’t put down your old Ben Folds Five or Third Eye Blind albums will love Adam Marsland. He’s touring coffee shops (in alt-rock-pop tradition) to promote the album that he’s dropping today entitled Daylight Kissing Night: Adam Marsland’s Greatest Hits. For only six bucks you get an album that sounds like the power-pop-rock of the 90’s and will make you miss your old cut off jeans, crimped hair and the hiking boots that you wore every day while you “pretended” to play an acoustic guitar.There are plenty of oooohs and woo hoos throughout the album that make it borderline cheesy, but that was the 90’s for ya and you’ve gotta love it. Skylark Café, 3803 Delridge Way S.W., 935-2111, www.skylarkcafe.com, Fri. Aug. 1st 9 p.m., Free. JAIME SWINDLE

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