Thursday, July 31, 2008

Delridge Skate Park update

Our friends at West Seattle Blog posted a terrific and thorough report on last night's Community Meeting on the Delridge Skate Park.  

If the opinions voiced tonight at the first community meeting about the Delridge skatepark-to-be hold sway, that’s the spot where you’ll see skateboarders in the next year or two - the northeast corner of the park, at Delridge and Genesee, immediately north of the parking lot and wading pool (which made news earlier today). Less than two months after the suddenParks Department decision to place a skatepark in Delridge, rather than High Point (briefly under consideration) or Myrtle Reservoir (not so briefly, but highly controversially, under consideration), the process is moving along with high hopes and seemingly abundant goodwill. Ahead, what tonight’s meeting was for, how much the skatepark project is expected to cost, and what happens next:


WHAT’S NEXT: In addition to the preferences on which attendees “voted” tonight, the site decision also will take into account site aspects such as underground utilities the city might have to work around. Meantime, neighborhood activist/advocate Pete Spalding, president of the Delridge District Council, urged skatepark supporters to contact city reps now to advocate for the money needed for this park– don’t wait till the budget comes up for a vote in November. (He also reminisced, talking with WSB, about meetings years ago regarding turning the former Cooper School into the current Youngstown Arts Center, at which time some said “when are we going to get a skatepark across the street at Delridge?”)

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