Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SW Precinct Police Appreciation July 15

From Jennifer Duong at West Seattle Crime Prevention Council:

Hello everyone,

By now many of you are ware of the SW Precinct Police Appreciation event on July 15th. We¹re in the planning process for the event and would like to ask for the assistance and support of the community to make it a successful event. Blow is a list of things we need help with:

Donation of Food (these are just some ideas, if you have other ideas please let us know)
  • 10am to 12pm - Breakfast: rolls, bakery items , cheese, fruits, yogurts, etc...
  • 12 to 5pm - Lunch/Snack: finger sandwiches, meat, cheese, vegetables & fruits tray, salad, etc...
  • 5 to 8pm - Dinner: pizza, pasta, vegetables & fruits trays, salad, etc...
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, juice, water, cold drink, ice
  • Dessert: Cookies, cake, fruits
*Again food must be in sealed containers or brought directly from a restaurant/bakery/grocery/etc. By our designated pick-up team. No home baked goods or home cooked food please.

Donation of Art supplies (for kids to make Thank-you cards)
  • Crayons
  • Color papers
  • Stickers

Items (we need them on the day of event and will return to owner when done)
  • Coolers
  • Bus bins
  • Hot plates
  • Slow cookers

Other help (anytime from 9am to 8pm)
  • Set up
  • Stock food
  • Serve food (if needed)
  • Decorate
  • Clean up

Community members who want to show your appreciation: Drop-in at the precinct anytime from 10am to 8pm for food, fun, small talk. Coloring books and stickers for kids and art supplies to make appreciation cards will be available. Everyone is encouraged to drop by or bring thank-you cards, letters of appreciation, and a story about your favorite officer or anecdotes about how someone from SPD has helped you.

Thank you for your making this day a meaningful one for West Seattle¹s officers and SW Precinct employees. I¹ve attached a flier, feel free to post in the community. Please help spread the word.

Donations will qualify as a 501-(C )3 charitable contribution. For all interested in participating or volunteering, please contact Jennifer at 206-322-6134 or (If necessary, arrange for pick-up of food donations prior to Tuesday, July 15th).

West Seattle Crime Prevention Council


Jennifer Duong
SE/SW Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

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