Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A project to improve the Graham stairs (between 16th and 17th)

From neighbor Karen Crisalli Winter (via Ron Angeles at the Delridge Neighborhood Service Center):

Hi everybody!

I live in the big blue house next to the Graham street stairs between 16th and 17th. There is a City of Seattle right of way next to the stairs that is badly overgrown. I have learned that the city will keep the stairs clear whenever they get complaints, but will not do any work on the rest of the right of way.

So, I'm trying to improve this space to be an enjoyable commons/pocket park for all. Or at least make it NOT be a weed seed factory and garbage pit. This is a huge project and I'd love some help.

I have a very good reel-to-reel mower, but it can't cut things that are 5 feet tall! I'm also usually surrounded by small children, so power tools are out. So, after some consideration, I have developed the following plan:

* Stomp down all the grass.
* Cover many areas with old carpeting as a temporary measure.
* Keep the areas that are already short mowed with my mower.
* As grass dies down under the carpeting, move carpeting and expand the mowed area.
* Put cardboard and wood chips along the fence line.
* Continually complain to Comcast and Qwest about the wiring on the ground until they fix it.
* In the fall/winter, plant a few more roses along the fence for all to enjoy.

How you can help:

* If you are going by the stairs anyway, take a brief detour and jump on the grass. I want to squash it under the weight of public opinion!

* If you have any large pieces of brown cardboard, bring them by and toss them down by the fenceline.

* If you have any time or energy, drop by and move a bucket or two of wood chips onto cardboard at the fenceline.

* Call Qwest and Comcast and complain about the wires on the ground. The wires dangling down onto the ground are Comcast. The active live telephone boxes a foot from the ground are Qwest. Neither are safe or acceptable.

* If you have a power mower, I would love some help in expanding the area I can cut with my reel-to-reel mower. I can do green stuff up to 6 inches high or so, but I can't cut through old straw.

* In the fall or winter, I would appreciate some help in planting roses.

Thanks all!
Karen Crisalli Winter
1600 SW Graham Street

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