Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Park at Cottage Grove needs your help

From Betsy Hoffmeister at North Delridge Neighborhood Council:

Hello friends – forgive cross posting, please --

We are in the process of writing a grant proposal to the Department of Neighborhoods for funding for the tot lot project at Cottage Grove. Under the guidelines, everyone who would like to help bring the project to fruition is required to commit to a specific number of volunteer hours. We can only start counting the donated time AFTER JULY 9 when our application is submitted. For example, even though I estimate I’ve already put at least 100 hours into the project – probably more – I can’t claim those hours. (expletive deleted). Each volunteer hour is worth $15! If you can give one hour by asking around at your work if your office has a donations program, three hours spreading woodchips at the building site, one hour designing letterhead, five hours delivering request letters to area businesses – write to me as soon as you possibly can to tell me. Be generous – these are theoretical hours that we keep track of in a very generous way, as far as I understand the process. I will need each of you to sign a physical piece of paper indicating your hours. If this doesn’t make sense, ask more questions. Thanks everyone for your help thus far, now the rubber hits the road!

July 9 deadline, folks! Write to me soon!


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