Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes June 30

From Ashley Miller at The Service Board

Monday, June 30th
7pm @ YOUNGSTOWN Cultural Arts Center

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes

The TransformEducational Fashion Show

Modeling Social Change Since 2004

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes, is a innovative, powerful original theater production and growing community that strives to:

  • Expose and debunk socially constructed myths of identity and stereotypes
  • Deepen understanding of self and others
  • Grow community in both conception and connection
  • Practice art to expand and amplify the collective creative power of the community
  • Inspire and incite radical action to uproot systems of domination and dehumanization
  • Celebrate our stories: all of them.

The Naked Truth is a truly diverse collective of dedicated social artists and students fully invested in building community across and through lines that have historically isolated and divided them. The Naked Truth process and performance, created by Social Artist and educator Stephany Hazelrigg in 2004, acts to break down patriarchy, racism, heterosexism, classism, and all stereotypes and divisions within ourselves and in our greater local and global communities.

The Naked Truth community works both individually and in unity to live inside the power of our creative voices. The Naked Truth builds community around UNDRESSING the stereotypes or myths that we have been taught about ourselves and others. Through the dramatized disclosure of personal accounts of our own experiences living within and outside of stereotypes we can begin to write our own stories until they become reality.



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