Thursday, June 19, 2008

Department of Neighborhoods monthly round-up

Here's the Department of Neighborhoods Monthly Update, including the following Delridge updates from Ron Angeles:

Hot Issues

A. HPAC to Oppose Jail Sites
The Highland Park Action Committee (HPAC) has been very active in organizing opposition to the municipal jail site(s) being considered, particularly the two recommended near Meyers Way SW and the other on West Marginal Way SW and Highland Park Drive SW. This month the community council group held an informational meeting and invited two city representatives to explain the City’s proposal. Over 75 people attended. They complained that the city narrowed their options with little to no public input. Many residents said they are willing to help organize opposition to this plan and are contacting other groups north of Highland Park and south into unincorporated King County. The community has had next to no discussion regarding any potential benefits, such as improvement to roads, jobs, or economic development the project may bring to the area. HPAC will hold a special meeting on Monday, June 2, 7pm at the Highland Park Improvement Club, 1116 SW Holden.

B. Neighborhoods Dusted with Ash
Around Memorial Day weekend, many residents in the Riverview, Pigeon Point, and Highland Park neighborhoods noticed large amount of dust/ash on their cars and other flat surfaces. A resident collected samples of the effluent and notified the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. A PSCAA representative subsequently went to the LaFarge Cement Company for a possible explanation. The company’s public affairs manager admitted there had been an "event" in the early morning hours of Saturday, which resulted in them closing down the plant. LaFarge has invited the resident who initially contacted PSCAA to explain what the "event" was and how it will be mitigated in the future. In the meantime, the resident has contacted colleagues at the University of Washington to test the ash for toxins.


C. Delridge Day Celebration
The annual Delridge Day Celebration was held this month at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, attended mostly by young artists, performers, and local neighborhood residents. Many participants are involved in arts and environmental programs offered at the cultural center. Younger children had an array of interactive activities to keep them busy throughout the day. An outdoor stage featured jazz, reggae, mariachi, and hip hop musical performances.

Items of Interest

D. Food Survey in White Center and Delridge
A team of students from the University of Washington, along with volunteers, conducted a grocery audit to determine what foods are available and how much they cost in grocery and corner stores in the White Center and Delridge neighborhoods. The information gathered by the students and volunteer community members will be used to develop a long-term food systems community action plan as part of the King County Food and Fitness Initiative (KCFFI). Earlier in the month, community collaborators attended a workshop to learn about the tools and frameworks of Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking, a precursor for developing the mission statement to guide the Initiative’s efforts in Delridge and White Center. The KCFFI Leadership Council will meet June 4 from 2:00-4:00 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to continue to move toward making decisions on how development of the community action plan will happen between now and the end of 2008. For more information:

E. New Trees in Cottage Grove
City Arborist Nolan Rundquist has informed the North Delridge Neighborhood Council that they have finished planting 166 new street trees on portions of 25th, 26th, Alaska and Delridge Way. These trees were funded through the Bridging the Gap tax that voters approved in the fall of 2006. These trees will receive summer time watering by the City until they are established enough to survive on their own. The City will also be providing proper maintenance pruning. Community members have suggested additional tree planting locations in North Delridge for SW Genesee Street from Avalon to Longfellow Creek. These trees may be included in the City's fall planting schedule.

F. Car Racing in Riverview
Once again the Riverview neighborhood is having car racing on 12th SW between SW Holly and SW Holden and through the neighborhood. This was a large problem prior to traffic circles being installed parallel to Riverview Playfield several years ago. Neighbors have been encouraged to contact the police.

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