Friday, June 6, 2008

Delridge Skate Park?

WSB posted about an update at saying Seattle Parks has decided to proceed with a design process for a skatepark at Delridge Playfield.

Advocate Matt Johnston provided this additional insight into public process:

There were two meetings during the City-Wide Skatepark planning process last year that were both held at Delridge community Center. These meetings produced a list of community-suggested sites that included all of the WS sites listed in the CityWide Plan, including Myrtle, High Point, Roxhill, Hiawatha, Alki, and Delridge. Delridge rated very high when the sites were evaluated using the objective criteria developed by the task force. You can read more about all of this here:

Both Delridge meetings were well attended by the community.

There were also several previous meetings approximately three years ago, at the Delridge Community Center, regarding a skatepark at the site. These meetings were actually 100% community driven, without Parks involvement. Many community members attended those meetings.

That said, I am planning to attend a future Delridge Community Council meeting to see if I can help answer questions as a skateboarder and a volutneer advocate, but it will be up to Parks to do their outreach.

The design process will also include three public meetings, which is usually meant for gathering input on design and finding ways to mitigate community concerns, but with skateparks people tend to want to talk about putting it somewhere else.
There will be objectors as with any skatepark site, but hopefully this time around enough of the community will rally around providing a positive and healthy place for skateboarders to enjoy this popular sport.

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