Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Discounts at Parks & Rec Facilities

From Dewey Potter at the Mayor's Office:


Room rentals at Seattle Parks and Recreation’s indoor facilities arranged or booked for at least two hours between July 1 and September 30 qualify for a discount of an additional free hour.

Parks has more than 40 indoor facilities ranging from community center meeting rooms to gyms to converted historic bathhouses with ocean-front views available for hourly rental.

These indoor spaces vary in size and the amenities they offer, including full kitchens, and are great neighborhood venues for meetings, retreats, parties, reunions, and weddings. Hourly rental fees are reasonable; a booking fee applies.

Facility descriptions and fees can be found by visiting: To book a room, please call the facility at which you want to rent a room and provide the code CC3.

Read this document on Scribd: rental discount

Job - High Point Family Center Manager

Forwarded by Judy DeBarros

Hello Everyone:

Please consider this position for a family center manager at Neighborhood House. They are seeking to create a Family Center at High Point. This looks like a good position for anyone interested in working with diverse families in High Point. Please pass along to others interested as well. For more information please contact Denise Sharify

I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather!


North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting July 2

You are cordially invited to the July 2nd meeting of the of the North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting.

From Nancy Folsom at the North Delridge Neighborhood Council

What? North Delridge Neighborhood Council (NDNC) Monthly Meeting

Where? Delridge Library, 5423 Delridge Way

When? Wednesday, July 2nd, 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

Who? Anyone who works or lives in the North Delridge area, or who has an interest in it.

Please invite neighbors and family as well.

Nancy Folsom
Secretary NDNC

Community Resource Fair at Village of Hope July 12

Forwarded by Steve Daschle at Southwest Youth and Family Services

Read this document on Scribd: community_resource_fair-flyer_

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Food Service Program Sites in West Seattle

Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service Program, also known as Summer Sack Lunch, is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and was established in 1968 to respond to growing research that correlated a child’s nutrition with academic success and concerns about the lack of nutrition resources for children during the summer months. The City of Seattle has operated this program in Seattle since the early 1970s.

Meals are served following USDA guidelines that specify the conditions of site supervision, food storage, portion size and nutritional value. Food is served at supervised playgrounds, summer camps for low-income children, youth employment projects, low-income housing sites, child care programs and summer schools. Most participating sites offer full-day services and meaningful activities to children during summer months.

This summer, the program will run from June 23 to August 22, 2008. Bring children to the community sites to enjoy nutritious meals and fun activities.

Here is a full list of the 2008 sites. I've highlighted the West Seattle sites.

Read this document on Scribd: SummerFood OpenSites2008 WS

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SW Precinct Police Appreciation July 15

From Jennifer Duong at West Seattle Crime Prevention Council:

Hello everyone,

By now many of you are ware of the SW Precinct Police Appreciation event on July 15th. We¹re in the planning process for the event and would like to ask for the assistance and support of the community to make it a successful event. Blow is a list of things we need help with:

Donation of Food (these are just some ideas, if you have other ideas please let us know)
  • 10am to 12pm - Breakfast: rolls, bakery items , cheese, fruits, yogurts, etc...
  • 12 to 5pm - Lunch/Snack: finger sandwiches, meat, cheese, vegetables & fruits tray, salad, etc...
  • 5 to 8pm - Dinner: pizza, pasta, vegetables & fruits trays, salad, etc...
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, juice, water, cold drink, ice
  • Dessert: Cookies, cake, fruits
*Again food must be in sealed containers or brought directly from a restaurant/bakery/grocery/etc. By our designated pick-up team. No home baked goods or home cooked food please.

Donation of Art supplies (for kids to make Thank-you cards)
  • Crayons
  • Color papers
  • Stickers

Items (we need them on the day of event and will return to owner when done)
  • Coolers
  • Bus bins
  • Hot plates
  • Slow cookers

Other help (anytime from 9am to 8pm)
  • Set up
  • Stock food
  • Serve food (if needed)
  • Decorate
  • Clean up

Community members who want to show your appreciation: Drop-in at the precinct anytime from 10am to 8pm for food, fun, small talk. Coloring books and stickers for kids and art supplies to make appreciation cards will be available. Everyone is encouraged to drop by or bring thank-you cards, letters of appreciation, and a story about your favorite officer or anecdotes about how someone from SPD has helped you.

Thank you for your making this day a meaningful one for West Seattle¹s officers and SW Precinct employees. I¹ve attached a flier, feel free to post in the community. Please help spread the word.

Donations will qualify as a 501-(C )3 charitable contribution. For all interested in participating or volunteering, please contact Jennifer at 206-322-6134 or (If necessary, arrange for pick-up of food donations prior to Tuesday, July 15th).

West Seattle Crime Prevention Council


Jennifer Duong
SE/SW Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

White Center-South Delridge Community Safety Meeting

The next White Center-South Delridge Community Safety Meeting will be Thursday, June 26th 6-8 pm, We will meet at the usual location, St. James Place, 9421 18th Avenue SW.

The agenda is attached. Please spread the word to your neighbors!

Dinner will be provided. Please call me at 767-0760 if childcare or interpretation is needed.

Karen Greene
Drug Free Communities Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

Read this document on Scribd: June 08 Community Safety Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food and Fitness Initiative discussion at Cafe Rozella thursdays

From Alon Bassok and Branden Born at University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning

King County Food and Fitness Coffee Hour: We want to hear from YOU!

Please join us Thursday for the first of eight weekly discussions about food access, walking and bicycling routes, parks, and opportunities for physical activity in the Delridge and White Center neighborhoods.

The coffee hours will be held at Cafe Rozella every Thursday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 PM through August 14th.

We want to hear your opinions and insights about the current conditions in the neighborhoods, changes you would like to see made, and ideas about how to get it done. By the end of eight weeks, we’ll be working with you to develop a set of criteria that can be used to prioritize your ideas.

For further information please contact

Thank you,
Alon Bassok and Branden Born

University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning (Partners with King County Food and Fitness Initiative)

The Park at Cottage Grove needs your help

From Betsy Hoffmeister at North Delridge Neighborhood Council:

Hello friends – forgive cross posting, please --

We are in the process of writing a grant proposal to the Department of Neighborhoods for funding for the tot lot project at Cottage Grove. Under the guidelines, everyone who would like to help bring the project to fruition is required to commit to a specific number of volunteer hours. We can only start counting the donated time AFTER JULY 9 when our application is submitted. For example, even though I estimate I’ve already put at least 100 hours into the project – probably more – I can’t claim those hours. (expletive deleted). Each volunteer hour is worth $15! If you can give one hour by asking around at your work if your office has a donations program, three hours spreading woodchips at the building site, one hour designing letterhead, five hours delivering request letters to area businesses – write to me as soon as you possibly can to tell me. Be generous – these are theoretical hours that we keep track of in a very generous way, as far as I understand the process. I will need each of you to sign a physical piece of paper indicating your hours. If this doesn’t make sense, ask more questions. Thanks everyone for your help thus far, now the rubber hits the road!

July 9 deadline, folks! Write to me soon!


Community Meeting to envision a new Cultural Center July 30

A number of community members and organizations have been collaborating to build a shared vision for a new Community Cultural Center located at 18th Ave SW & SW Cambridge St. After several small meetings and three large community meetings, the visioning exercise is about to wrap up with a fourth and final meeting.

Come and see the results and add your feedback!

Read this document on Scribd: community flyer 4

And en espanol:

Community Cultural Center
A welcoming place for all people
Where traditions are honored and passed on
A place to celebrate strong families

You are invited!!
Wednesday, July 30, 5:30pm
White Center Heights Elementary 10015 - 6th Avenue SW

For more info contact 206.694.1082

Refreshments and child care!
Translation available - Spanish, Samoan, Arabic, Vietnamese, Khmer, Bosnian, Somali, Oromo, Amharic, Tigrigna, and more.

See composite proposal and give your feedback!

Your ideas made real!
All are welcome!

See the result of your input for a community cultural center for White Center and Boulevard Park!

  • welcome and introduction
  • history and background
  • review project criteria
  • small group work
  • small group presentations
  • next steps together
  • Come! We create community together

Read this document on Scribd: community flyer 4 espanol

Van Jones speaks about Green Jobs in Seattle

From Ray Li at Neighborhood House:

Good morning!

The keynote speech by social and eco activist Van Jones is now available online. Van spoke about Neighborhood House, the High Point Capital Campaign and the promise of a green tomorrow at our Seventh Annual Breakfast Celebration in May. His speech runs about 25 minutes and has been posted to YouTube in three parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For those who didn't have the opportunity to hear Van speak, he outlines how green technology can promote social justice in low-income communities, and describes how the High Point Neighborhood Center fits into that vision. It is a very inspiring, powerful and moving speech.

These links will be going up onto our website in the next few days.


Ray Li
Development Director
Neighborhood House
905 Spruce Street
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 461-8430 ext. 231
(206) 461-3857 FAX
(206) 963-1170 CEL

Strong Families. Strong Communities. Since 1906.

A project to improve the Graham stairs (between 16th and 17th)

From neighbor Karen Crisalli Winter (via Ron Angeles at the Delridge Neighborhood Service Center):

Hi everybody!

I live in the big blue house next to the Graham street stairs between 16th and 17th. There is a City of Seattle right of way next to the stairs that is badly overgrown. I have learned that the city will keep the stairs clear whenever they get complaints, but will not do any work on the rest of the right of way.

So, I'm trying to improve this space to be an enjoyable commons/pocket park for all. Or at least make it NOT be a weed seed factory and garbage pit. This is a huge project and I'd love some help.

I have a very good reel-to-reel mower, but it can't cut things that are 5 feet tall! I'm also usually surrounded by small children, so power tools are out. So, after some consideration, I have developed the following plan:

* Stomp down all the grass.
* Cover many areas with old carpeting as a temporary measure.
* Keep the areas that are already short mowed with my mower.
* As grass dies down under the carpeting, move carpeting and expand the mowed area.
* Put cardboard and wood chips along the fence line.
* Continually complain to Comcast and Qwest about the wiring on the ground until they fix it.
* In the fall/winter, plant a few more roses along the fence for all to enjoy.

How you can help:

* If you are going by the stairs anyway, take a brief detour and jump on the grass. I want to squash it under the weight of public opinion!

* If you have any large pieces of brown cardboard, bring them by and toss them down by the fenceline.

* If you have any time or energy, drop by and move a bucket or two of wood chips onto cardboard at the fenceline.

* Call Qwest and Comcast and complain about the wires on the ground. The wires dangling down onto the ground are Comcast. The active live telephone boxes a foot from the ground are Qwest. Neither are safe or acceptable.

* If you have a power mower, I would love some help in expanding the area I can cut with my reel-to-reel mower. I can do green stuff up to 6 inches high or so, but I can't cut through old straw.

* In the fall or winter, I would appreciate some help in planting roses.

Thanks all!
Karen Crisalli Winter
1600 SW Graham Street

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes June 30

From Ashley Miller at The Service Board

Monday, June 30th
7pm @ YOUNGSTOWN Cultural Arts Center

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes

The TransformEducational Fashion Show

Modeling Social Change Since 2004

The Naked Truth on Stereotypes, is a innovative, powerful original theater production and growing community that strives to:

  • Expose and debunk socially constructed myths of identity and stereotypes
  • Deepen understanding of self and others
  • Grow community in both conception and connection
  • Practice art to expand and amplify the collective creative power of the community
  • Inspire and incite radical action to uproot systems of domination and dehumanization
  • Celebrate our stories: all of them.

The Naked Truth is a truly diverse collective of dedicated social artists and students fully invested in building community across and through lines that have historically isolated and divided them. The Naked Truth process and performance, created by Social Artist and educator Stephany Hazelrigg in 2004, acts to break down patriarchy, racism, heterosexism, classism, and all stereotypes and divisions within ourselves and in our greater local and global communities.

The Naked Truth community works both individually and in unity to live inside the power of our creative voices. The Naked Truth builds community around UNDRESSING the stereotypes or myths that we have been taught about ourselves and others. Through the dramatized disclosure of personal accounts of our own experiences living within and outside of stereotypes we can begin to write our own stories until they become reality.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Long Naturalist Explores Fauntleroy Waters Jun 28

From Sheila Brown at Camp Long:

Camp Long Naturalist Explores Fauntleroy Waters

Fauntleroy Forest Walk Restoring our H2O
Sat, June 28, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Ages 8 and older
Take a walk on the wild side! Learn about the Fauntleroy watershed. Why is the water so clean in this creek and who is responsible for its restoration? We will hike the "Reach to the Beach," check out new developments along the waterfront, the fish ladder and maybe stop by the bakery for a treat on our way back! Please pack a lunch and drinking water. Pre-registration required by 6/27/08. Please call 206-684-7434 to register.

Course #30706 Activity Fee $8.00

Excerpts from Washington State Department of Ecology's website.

Fauntleroy Creek is an urban creek located four miles south of Alki Point on the West Seattle peninsula. Fed perennially by runoff and springs, the creek begins in Fauntleroy Park and flows about one mile through alternating culverts and open reaches before entering Fauntleroy Cove in Puget Sound.

Water Quality Issues
Fauntleroy Creek has too much fecal coliform bacteria. Stream samples from the creek show bacteria levels beyond what Washington State allows in our freshwaters. Fauntleroy Creek is not unique. Fecal coliform bacteria are a common water quality problem in our state. They belong to a mostly harmless group of bacteria commonly found in large numbers in the feces of people and other warm-blooded animals such as pets and wildlife. However, they indicate that more serious disease-causing organisms, called pathogens, may be present in the water. Stormwater runoff and other discharges can carry these small organisms into the creeks where they pollute the water and can infect humans through skin contact or ingestion of water.

What is being done?
The federal Clean Water Act requires states to place the names of water bodies that exceed state pollution standards on a list. The Clean Water Act then requires a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study for these impaired water bodies to identify the pollution problems and specify how much pollution needs to be reduced to achieve clean water. A TMDL is an estimated amount of a pollutant a water body can handle without exceeding the state water quality standards.

In 2007, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) produced the fecal coliform TMDL study for Fauntleroy Creek. This report can be found at

As a follow-up to the TMDL study, Ecology has been working with the local community to prepare a Water Quality Implementation Plan that details the specific actions needed to reduce fecal coliform bacteria levels in Fauntleroy Creek. The plan describes management roles, activities, and schedules for partners. The City of Seattle and Fauntleroy Watershed Council have been active partners in restoring Fauntleroy Creek for years and assisted in the development of this plan. Public comment on the Water Quality Implementation Plan has just been completed.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check out the Seattle Chinese Garden

Lorraine Toly and Yangming Chu hosted me and a few other community members for a "hard-hat tour" of the Seattle Chinese Garden yesterday. It's an inspiring project, likely to be one of the largest Chinese Gardens outside of China!

The Garden is currently a construction site and is only opened for guided docent tours; the free guided tours are offered at 10:00 AM March-October on the second Saturday of the month, no reservations needed.

Click here for details on the Saturday tours and for information on arranging special group tours

What is a Chinese garden?
Chinese gardens reflect peace and balance – and the reconciled forces of yin and yang – through their symbolic use of water, plants, architecture and stone. In the Seattle Chinese Garden, these elements will interact to create a refuge from daily life and a vibrant center for education, community gathering and Chinese culture.

Where will the Seattle Chinese Garden be built?
The garden will be located on 4.6 acres at the north end of the South Seattle Community College campus at 6000 16th Avenue SW, in West Seattle. The site features a spectacular panoramic view of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay and the Cascade Mountains, including Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.

How does a Chinese garden benefit Seattle?
The Seattle Chinese Garden will be a place of celebration and beauty for everyone to enjoy. A Chinese garden in Seattle will enrich our understanding and enjoyment of Chinese culture and strengthen our economic ties with China. It will also become a unique educational and cultural resource for adults, children and students in Asian studies, art, architecture, Chinese literature, horticulture, history and environmental science.

The Garden will provide a magnificent range of Chinese plants and horticultural elements that will fascinate both experts and novices. Gardeners will enjoy viewing a unique palette of Chinese plants placed in an authentic Sichuan landscape design, encounter a collection of spectacular Sichuan-style penjing (Chinese bonsai) and take classes in horticultural subjects.

Groups will be able to use Garden facilities for meetings, weddings and other celebrations, as well as for cultural events such as concerts, dance and theatre. This Garden will also be ideal for the practice of meditative and martial arts. Gardening groups will be able to use the garden’s facilities for meetings, displays and workshops.

What is the significance of the garden form in Chinese culture?
Since ancient time, the Chinese have viewed the garden as a microcosm of the universe. This unique garden form melds China’s history, art and architecture, philosophy, literature and horticulture into one comprehensive experience.

What is significant about the Seattle Chinese Garden design?
When built, the garden will be one of the largest Chinese gardens outside of China. Designed and built in conjunction with architects and artisans from Seattle and its sister city, Chongqing, the garden will be the first in the United States to authentically represent the Sichuan style. The Garden will feature Sichuan horticulture and the massive rock formations inspired by China’s Yangtze River gorges. Where possible, its formal halls and pavilions will be fabricated in Chongqing using traditional materials and methods, and skilled artisans from China will supervise their installation in Seattle.

Will the Seattle Chinese Garden be open to the public?
Yes. The garden will be open to the public most days for an entrance fee. Some free days will also allow the general public to enjoy the garden to its fullest. The garden and facilities will be managed and maintained by the Seattle Chinese Garden, a nonprofit charitable organization.

When will the Garden be complete?
We are building the Garden in phases. Much site work has been done, we are now constructing the Education Center, adjacent to the Garden site, completion is expected by January 2008. Work will soon begin on "Knowing the Spring" courtyard, the second traditional structure in the Garden. Knowing the Spring will be dedicated in August, 2008. Components for this courtyard will be fabricated in Chongqing, and assembly performed by Chinese artisans from Chongqing and local contractors. The entire project is expected to be complete within 10 years.

Homebuyer Education Workshop June 21

From Ron Angeles at the Department of Neighborhoods

For those interested in buying a home in White Center, Delridge, and West Seattle, here's a convenient workshop this weekend to learn the ins and outs of purchasing a home.


Ron Angeles
Neighborhood District Coordinator
City of Seattle - Department of Neighborhoods Delridge Neighborhood Service Center
5405 Delridge Way SW 98106
(206) 684-7416 (206) 233-7293 (fax)

Read this document on Scribd: 20080621 homebuyer

B-Battle Tonight! Arts Corps break dance students show off their best

B-Battle Tonight!
Arts Corps break dance students show off their best.

Come join Arts Corps as we watch break dance students from Denny and Mercer middle schools battle with their finest moves.

In addition to the sheer talent and motivation of Jerome Aparis' new hopefuls and returning veteran students, onlookers will be inspired by these young dancers' courage, hardcore persistence and swift thinking nurtured through Arts Corps curriculum.

Bring friends and family!

When: Thursday, June 19th; Doors at 6:30 p.m. Battle begins at 7 p.m.

Where: Inside the Thelma Dewitty Theatre at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Suggested donation: $5

March for Youth June 21

Forwarded by Steve Daschle at Southwest Youth and Family Services at Jeanette Fournier at High Point Open Space and Homeowners Association.

Saturday, June 21st. 1 PM. March for Youth.
March against violence, march in prayer, march in silence.
March to get your voice heard, march in protest, march in remembrance.
March in reconciliation, just be sure to come out and march on.
The plan is to march south from Franklin High School and north from Rainer Beach High School at the same time, moving along Rainier Ave S. and then meeting in the middle at Aki Kurose Middle School for food, entertainment, inspirational speeches, resource tables, and "what next."
We need help with everything.
Call today.
March from Franklin High School and from Rainier Beach High School, Seattle.
Info: Denise Gloster 206-723-4637 or 206-795-5824 or .

July 4 Youth Talent Show at High Point

Forwarded by Steve Daschle at Southwest Youth and Family Services at Jeanette Fournier at High Point Open Space and Homeowners Association.

Sing beautiful songs. Make people laugh. Lick your elbow. Perform a magic trick. Put both feet behind your head. Read a beautiful poem. Juggle. Play a musical instrument. Burp the alphabet. Tell a hilarious story. Sing the national anthem backward. Dance. Drink milk while jumping on a pogo stick. Write with both hands at the same time. Do an impression of a famous person. Yodel.

What's your talent?

Show everyone what amazing things you can do.

If you’re between 6 and 18 years old, you could be part of a talent show taking place July 4. It’s part of the grand opening celebration of the Commons park in the High Point neighborhood.

When can I audition? Friday, June 20, from 3 to 6 p.m.
When do we rehearse? Friday, June 27, from 3 to 6 pm.
Where do I go? Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW

Read this document on Scribd: hp talent show flyer

Southwest Precinct Police Appreciation Day July 15

Sent to us by Lois Grammon-Simpson at Seattle Neighborhood Group

On July 15, 2008, West Seattle neighbors are invited to drop by the Southwest Precinct to show their appreciation for area officers. A Precinct-wide event is planned from 10am to 8pm, accommodating all three shifts. It is sponsored by West Seattle Crime Prevention Council and Seattle Neighborhood Group.

Everyone is invited to show appreciation to officers who endure long hours, bad weather and ever-present danger on our behalf. It also provides a way for community members to interact with their officers at the SW Precinct, improving community-police relationships and trust.

Community members who want to show your appreciation: Drop-in at the precinct anytime from 10am to 8pm for food, fun, small talk. Coloring books and stickers for kids and art supplies to make appreciation cards will be available. Everyone is encouraged to drop by or bring thank-you cards, letters of appreciation, and a story about your favorite officer or anecdotes about how someone from SPD has helped you.

Thank you for your making this day a meaningful one for West Seattle’s officers and SW Precinct employees. Please help spread the word. Fliers are available.

Anyone who wishes to is welcome to donate food and beverages from local restaurants, delis, grocery stores, cafés and bakeries. (Home-cooked or home-baked foods cannot be accepted).

Donations will qualify as a 501-(C )3 charitable contribution. For all interested in participating or volunteering, please contact Jennifer at 206-322-6134 or (If necessary, arrange for pick-up of food donations prior to Tuesday, July 15th).

Read this document on Scribd: sw precinct officer appreciation

Youth Blessing at High Point, Friday, June 27

Forwarded by Nancy Folson at North Delridge Neighborhood Council

Youth Blessing
High Point Pond Park

Friday, June 27
11:OO AM
Celebrating and Dedicating the young people of High Point!
Food, Games, Music and Fun
Everyone is invited

Read this document on Scribd: youth_blessing_bw[1]

Watch local startup founders pitch their ideas to funders

“LivePitch” from

Posted by Justin Martenstein on June 18 to Meet at the Pig

Friday, June 20th @ 2pm
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW (West Seattle)

As we’ve mentioned before, the Seattle startup industry is still booming with at least one new event every week. This Friday afternoon, up-and-coming entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to hone their idea-pitching skills. will be giving about 15 local early stage founders 2 minutes to pitch their idea before a panel of experts (representatives from Atlas Recruiting,, ActiveWords and others). They’ll be judged by the panel and also getting feedback from the larger audience. Check out the event page for more details.

Submissions for the competetion itself are already closed, but you can still sign up to attend. If you plan on going, make sure you either RSVP over at the registration page, or send an email directly to Carolynn Duncan: They only have room for 130 people and are already over half full, so make sure you register soon.

Internet safety course cancelled

We posted here about the internet safety course scheduled for June 21 at the Delridge Community Center. Vicky now informs us it has been cancelled.

Here is her message:

Late yesterday afternoon I received word from Delridge Community Center that we would not be able to have our training there due to maintenance work on the floors. I have been trying to secure alternative space and have not been successful (area community resources centers are booked with other events or closed).

We are canceling/postponing this training at this time. The next training is scheduled for Rainier Community Center on Saturday, July 19 from 10 to noon. I will be at Delridge Community Center form 9:30 to 10:30 on Saturday to let people who have not RSVP'd, but decided to attend, know about the cancellation and get their information for our next training.


Department of Neighborhoods monthly round-up

Here's the Department of Neighborhoods Monthly Update, including the following Delridge updates from Ron Angeles:

Hot Issues

A. HPAC to Oppose Jail Sites
The Highland Park Action Committee (HPAC) has been very active in organizing opposition to the municipal jail site(s) being considered, particularly the two recommended near Meyers Way SW and the other on West Marginal Way SW and Highland Park Drive SW. This month the community council group held an informational meeting and invited two city representatives to explain the City’s proposal. Over 75 people attended. They complained that the city narrowed their options with little to no public input. Many residents said they are willing to help organize opposition to this plan and are contacting other groups north of Highland Park and south into unincorporated King County. The community has had next to no discussion regarding any potential benefits, such as improvement to roads, jobs, or economic development the project may bring to the area. HPAC will hold a special meeting on Monday, June 2, 7pm at the Highland Park Improvement Club, 1116 SW Holden.

B. Neighborhoods Dusted with Ash
Around Memorial Day weekend, many residents in the Riverview, Pigeon Point, and Highland Park neighborhoods noticed large amount of dust/ash on their cars and other flat surfaces. A resident collected samples of the effluent and notified the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. A PSCAA representative subsequently went to the LaFarge Cement Company for a possible explanation. The company’s public affairs manager admitted there had been an "event" in the early morning hours of Saturday, which resulted in them closing down the plant. LaFarge has invited the resident who initially contacted PSCAA to explain what the "event" was and how it will be mitigated in the future. In the meantime, the resident has contacted colleagues at the University of Washington to test the ash for toxins.


C. Delridge Day Celebration
The annual Delridge Day Celebration was held this month at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, attended mostly by young artists, performers, and local neighborhood residents. Many participants are involved in arts and environmental programs offered at the cultural center. Younger children had an array of interactive activities to keep them busy throughout the day. An outdoor stage featured jazz, reggae, mariachi, and hip hop musical performances.

Items of Interest

D. Food Survey in White Center and Delridge
A team of students from the University of Washington, along with volunteers, conducted a grocery audit to determine what foods are available and how much they cost in grocery and corner stores in the White Center and Delridge neighborhoods. The information gathered by the students and volunteer community members will be used to develop a long-term food systems community action plan as part of the King County Food and Fitness Initiative (KCFFI). Earlier in the month, community collaborators attended a workshop to learn about the tools and frameworks of Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking, a precursor for developing the mission statement to guide the Initiative’s efforts in Delridge and White Center. The KCFFI Leadership Council will meet June 4 from 2:00-4:00 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to continue to move toward making decisions on how development of the community action plan will happen between now and the end of 2008. For more information:

E. New Trees in Cottage Grove
City Arborist Nolan Rundquist has informed the North Delridge Neighborhood Council that they have finished planting 166 new street trees on portions of 25th, 26th, Alaska and Delridge Way. These trees were funded through the Bridging the Gap tax that voters approved in the fall of 2006. These trees will receive summer time watering by the City until they are established enough to survive on their own. The City will also be providing proper maintenance pruning. Community members have suggested additional tree planting locations in North Delridge for SW Genesee Street from Avalon to Longfellow Creek. These trees may be included in the City's fall planting schedule.

F. Car Racing in Riverview
Once again the Riverview neighborhood is having car racing on 12th SW between SW Holly and SW Holden and through the neighborhood. This was a large problem prior to traffic circles being installed parallel to Riverview Playfield several years ago. Neighbors have been encouraged to contact the police.

Read this document on Scribd: 2008 may monthly review

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Programs for kids and teens

Thanks to Karen Greene at Seattle Neighborhood Group for this gathering of information about activities for young people.

Dear All
Here is the information gathered of summer 2008 activities. I hope it is helpful.

Karen Greene
Drug Free Communities Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

Read this document on Scribd: 2008 summer sw youth progs (teens)

Read this document on Scribd: 2008 summer sw youth progs (under 12)-condensed

Cancelled: Internet Safety Training Saturday, June 21

Note June 19: Vicki says the training has been cancelled. Here's her message:

Late yesterday afternoon I received word from Delridge Community Center that we would not be able to have our training there due to maintenance work on the floors. I have been trying to secure alternative space and have not been successful (area community resources centers are booked with other events or closed).

We are canceling/postponing this training at this time. The next training is scheduled for Rainier Community Center on Saturday, July 19 from 10 to noon. I will be at Delridge Community Center form 9:30 to 10:30 on Saturday to let people who have not RSVP'd, but decided to attend, know about the cancellation and get their information for our next training.


Read this document on Scribd: delridge flyer

Free Internet Safety 101 training

City of Seattle Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is coordinating **FREE** Internet Safety 101 training at Delridge Community Center this Saturday, June 21st from 10 to noon.

Michael Hamilton of DoIT's Office of Information Security will educate community members on threats to the home computer, and specific ways to be safe using email and the Internet.

The two-hour course will also include tools, tactics and information for the lay user. Our community center partner is RecTech, the group out of the Associated Recreation Council, that runs programming and supports the community center computer labs. If you are interested in attending the classes, please call me at (206) 233-7877, or by email,

We will be holding another free training on July 19 at Rainier Community Center.

Thank you!!

Computer & Internet Safety Basics Training Saturday, 10 am - 12 June 21st at Delridge Community Center and July 19 at Rainier Community Center. Presented by the City of Seattle Office of Information Security in partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department and Associated Recreation Council (ARC). For more info, contact
Vicky Yuki
Outreach & Education Coordinator
Community Technology Program
206-233-7877 tel
City of Seattle
Department of Information Technology
PO Box 94709
Seattle, WA 98124-4709

Street address:
700 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2700

Cottage Grove Park needs a Landscape Architect

Forwarded by Betsy Hoffmeister at North Delridge Nieghborhood Council

Background: The Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle is one of the most ethnically and socioeconomically diverse areas in West Seattle proper and one of the few neighborhoods where some housing is still affordable. The area schools – Cooper, Sanislo, Denny and Sealth have extremely diverse populations and high concentrations of children in the free- and reduced-lunch programs. Infrastructure is growing with the addition of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and the Delridge library branch. We have a flourishing p-patch, a new park area, and the gorgeous Longfellow Creek watershed project. With the development of many new condo units, we also have an influx of young families with young children. In 2007, the Parks Department installed a playground at the new Cottage Grove Park. The sophisticated, slick equipment there is intended for children ages 5 and up and features extensive climbing equipment and a climbing wall. The landscaping is gorgeous and full of edible plants. To the South of the playground is a large rolling field culminating in a Recovery Garden. To the East is a large, almost flat, open field. Neighbors run their dogs on this field; consequently it is a minefield of dog droppings.

Problem: Parents bringing their young children to Cottage Grove Park have found that the equipment is overwhelming, daunting, and inaccessible. Some three year olds and four year olds are able to play on low, rocking structures and to mount the lowest level of the climbing structure. When tots attempt to toddle in the grassy field, they need to avoid the aforementioned dog poop. The youngest children and their parents want play equipment that is safe and appropriate for the under-5 set. We have organized a coalition of parents, held public meetings, obtained three project proposals, gathered public input on the three projects, and have started fundraising. The equipment itself will cost less than $16,000 and will include a swingset, spring toys, and a climber or other toy.

The Parks Department requires a landscape design to ensure that the equipment is sited appropriately. We have not yet made a landscape design. We are applying for a Small and Simple grant to pay for half of the project.

Scope of work: Our group of neighbors is seeking a licensed landscape architect to donate design services for this playground project. Lots of community outreach over the last year has already clarified the design program, as well as a general location for the equipment. The scope of work would include working with the community organizers and the Parks Department to locate the equipment in the park, design an accessible pathway to the playground, and provide design details for excavation, drainage, and surrounding curb to contain wood chips. There would be two or three meetings with Parks to refine the design. There might also be a need for limited construction oversight to insure the work is being performed per the design. One part of the funding plan is to apply for the July 9th round of the Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Grant. We would need to have a landscape architect committed to the project at that point. We could also use help in preparing a budget for some aspects of the construction, although the equipment and installation has already been estimated by playground manufacturers. Design work would need to be complete in time for implementation planned for early fall of this year.

Familiarity with standard Parks design details (or a desire to learn about them) would be a benefit, as well as an interest in designing outdoor play space for children. If you are interested in this project but could not donate your services, please feel free to contact us. We are hoping to find someone who is able to donate services. Because we are situated in a less-affluent neighborhood, we don’t have major donors and we are trying to keep our costs to an absolute minimum. However, we will gladly consider proposals for fees as well since we can include this cost in our Small and Simple proposal. The Parks Department estimates the design costs will not be significant. All donations will be publicly recognized!

Reply to: Parie Hines, parield (at)

Seattle PI: West Seattle puts feet first with Brandon Trail

See the full article at

West Seattle puts feet first with Brandon Trail
Gravel path now usable year-round

Last updated June 16, 2008 10:07 p.m. PT

Pedestrians traveling on Southwest Brandon Street in West Seattle now have a safe alternative to the busy street.

The newly developed Brandon Trail, a 3-foot-wide gravel path, is replacing the narrow, dirt trail that was used by residents.

"There's no sidewalk on Brandon. People were naturally walking to a safer place to avoid traffic," said Lesa Russell, project manager at Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association. The community will celebrate the project's completion Saturday.


"As soon as the trail was graveled, there was evidence of foot work on the trail, so it's being utilized," she said.


The project cost $19,800 and was funded by a grant from Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods and King County.

Brandon Trail is a connecting trail for the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail, a 4.2-mile pedestrian trail that links West Seattle resources such as community centers, schools, parks and businesses.
Parts of Longfellow have gravel paths that guide the user through forest areas and onto neighborhood streets before connecting to other park areas, including Camp Long and Greg Davis Park.

"They provide a connection to nature," said Jay Mirro, lead volunteer for the Brandon Street natural area work party.


Feet First, a pedestrian advocacy organization that supports creating walkable communities, developed the "Neighborhoods on Foot" map, which outlines bike routes, bus routes and trail networks throughout West Seattle.


Feet First also is working to have the map available in the future at kiosks along the trail.


The Brandon Trail Renovation Celebration is 10-10:30 a.m. Saturday, Southwest Brandon Street and 26th Avenue Southwest.


P-I reporter Noel Lyn Smith can be reached at 206-448-8161 or

Monday, June 16, 2008

West Seattle Community Safety Partnership mtg June 17

From Jennifer Duong at Seattle Neighborhood Group

Hello Everyone,

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope all the fathers had a wonderful and relaxing time yesterday for Father's Day.

Don't forget tomorrow night is the WSCSP meeting at the SW Precinct (2300 SW
Webster) from 7pm to 8:30pm. Hope to see everyone!

Agenda & Discussion:

  • Special Guest: Captain Joe Kessler

  • Police "hotspot" & other crime reports

  • Neighborhood reports & concerns

  • SW Precinct Police Appreciation Day, July 15

  • Voting of group's new name

  • Youth summer programs

  • Community announcements

Everyone is WELCOME! Please spread the word. Ive attached meeting notes from May's meeting, Liquor License Renewal list and the agenda for tomorrow night meeting. For more information, contact Jennifer at 206-322-6134 or - Thank you!

Jennifer Duong
SE/SW Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

Mark your calendar for upcoming community events and gatherings...

Wednesday, June 18 - Delridge District Council Meeting Are you interested in Neighborhood Planning in Delridge and West Seattle?
Here's the City Councilmember with some answers. Please come to the next Delridge District Council meeting this week on Wednesday, June 18th - 7pm at Southwest Police Precinct (SW Webster and Delridge Way SW, next to Home Depot)

Saturday, June 21 - March for Youth & March Against Violence

Saturday, June 21 - Friends of Hicks Lake Annual BBQ The City has just announced the dates for four public forums regarding the proposed Seattle Municipal Jail. Here is the link:
(For time & location, see attachment of flyers for each event)


From Ricardo Guarnero Guarnero at Cafe Rozella




FRIDAY JUNE 27, 2008
With Children of the Revolution

"When you go to a Children of the Revolution show, you might as well leave your preconceptions about world music at the door" wrote Tina Potterf of the Seattle Times. Fans will usually say something like, "That was the best live show I’ve ever been to; I don't quite know how to describe it." From Bozeman Montana to the caves of Granada, Spain, from Istanbul to Taiwan, COTR make life-long fans wherever they go.

They can loosely be compared to such breakaway and high-energy world music artists such as Ozomatli, Gipsy Kings, Santana, Manu Chau and the Afro Celt Sound System, but all similarities stop there. Made up of virtuoso musicians, singers and dancers from around the world, COTR blend their Flamenco, Greek, and Rock roots creating, a lush and melodic sound driven by infectious Latin and Middle-Eastern grooves.

The group is fronted by lead singer Vassili, who grew up on the Greek Islands, and former metal head turned flamenco guitarist Eric Jaeger. Sharing the spotlight is Barcelona-born flamenco dancer Encarnación. Their electrifying and sexy concerts showcase outstanding musicianship and songwriting with world-class dance performances. Both world music aficionados and those new to the genre agree - COTR puts on one of the most unifying and entertaining shows in the world.

Guest artists both live and recorded have included legendary rock singer, Ann Wilson of

In less than two years, COTR went from playing small clubs to filling some of the Northwests most prestigious theaters such as Meany Hall, Benaroya Hall and the 3,000-seat Paramount Theater.

COTR is a consistent audience favorite of major festivals in the region such as Folklife, Vancouver Folk Festival, Bumbershoot and Montanas Sweetpea Festival, 3-6,000 people can be seen dancing and singing at these shows. Eleftheria (the Greek word for freedom) is their anthem that ends the show and ALWAYS gets the crowd jumping in unison!

COTR have the achievements, experience and systems in place to create a totally new movement in popular music. They have toured extensively through the Northwest and Canada and have been invited to perform at very special historical events such as; the first Western band invited to play for the Buddhas Birthday in Taiwan for over 30,000 people, the Government Leaders conference (organized by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen) in Seattle at Experience Music Project, opening for former President Bill Clinton at his "We the People" speech in Seattle in 2006, and KROCKs 2005 Tsunami Relief benefit concert headlined by surviving members of Alice in Chains and Heart. COTRs concert DVD has aired on numerous PBS stations across the country and select tracks from their album, Liberation appear on Putumayo Records compilations.

After spending five months in Europe where they performed and studied with Flamenco masters in Spain, Rye singers in Morocco and Turkish musicians in Istanbul, COTR returned to record their latest CD, Life, Love and Guantanamo Bay. The album is an artistic breakthrough for Children of the Revolution and promises to bring them into the international spotlight.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mayor announces 2008 Mayor’s Arts Award recipients

Producer for the South Park Photo Voice project and producer of Latino Cultural Magazine (a fiscal partner of DNDA's) Hugo Ludena gets worthy recognition!

Read this document on Scribd: 2008mayor'sartsawardsannounceme

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

City of Seattle Internet Safety Course June 21

Posted by "Dartanyon" at Sanislo PTA website.

I work for the City of Seattle and we are offering a free Internet Safety Class at the Delridge Community Center on Saturday, June 21 from 10 to noon. A great opportunity for parents to get the latest information on safely using the Internet, especially in protecting private and/or sensitive data. The class was brought to our attention by incoming parent Vicky Yuki. Thanks!

West Seattle Herald: Trail Opening between Camp Long and Longfellow Creek

Sheila Brown pens this column in the West Seattle Herald

Trail Opening between Camp Long and Longfellow Creek
By Sheila Brown
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Come celebrate the Brandon Trail Renovation, an east/west trail section of the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail. This section of trail is now a usable trail connecting Camp Long and Longfellow Creek and the rest of Delridge.

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association and the Longfellow Creek Watershed Council and their volunteers played a key role in getting this trail completed. Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association will be distributing a new West Seattle Trails/Neighborhoods on Foot map. The map is designed to allow people to choose routes based on time and trail type, enabling them to travel to a destination or just for recreation. Trails promote health, both physical and mental, and help to build community.

In The Case for Urban Open Space by William Poole, he states that:
One key link between parks and health is the opportunity for regular exercise and to escape what [Frederick Law] Olmsted called 'jar of the streets.' Exercise helps maintain healthy bones and muscles, builds cardiovascular fitness and relieves the psychological and physiological stress long linked to poor health. The chance to escape the city's noise and bustle also relieves stress, which might otherwise be expressed through aggression or the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

In Hiking: the Ultimate Natural Prescription for Health, Phillip Ferranti says:
Nature becomes our Touchstone...By taking time out from our busy days, hiking or riding out to some natural setting, we feed our souls with the substance of nature's truths. The role of trails is simple - they take us where we may relate, be healed, touched, inspired, and ... they provide opportunities to be with families and friends, to create happy memories, to become physically and mentally fit, and allow us to travel from place to place.

Volunteers are always needed to work on our trails. Pam Gluck, the Executive Director of American Trails says, "Remember you aren't just 'building trails,' you are 'building community.' If you have only called yourself a trailbuilder, you have sold yourself short."


DATE: Saturday, June 21, 2008
TIME: 10:00 to 10:30
PLACE: SW Brandon & 26th Ave SW

There will be light refreshments during celebration followed by a trail work party until 2:00.