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King County Food and Fitness Initiative - News Reel May 14-May 27

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King County FOOD & FITNESS Initiative []
"Creating vibrant communities that support access to locally grown, healthy, affordable food and safe and inviting places for physical activity and play--for everyone."
Issue No.6
~News Reel~
May 14- May 27, 2008
Dear Collaborative Partners & Friends of Food & Fitness,
What do you get when you combine a room full of innovative community leaders and organizations, a handful of useful tools, frameworks, and resources all together in a stimulating work environment for 8 hours?The answer: Results.
Thank you to the many of you who attended last Wednesday's Organizational Learning & Systems Thinking meeting. Please find a bulleted list of the draft values statements you came up with in small groups, and be sure to check out the great resources listed up on the web ( []
Stay up to date on all Food and Fitness Initiative related news and events by visiting the KCFFI Website [].
"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the stairs, we must step up the stairs" Vaclav Havel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In this Issue

*Re-cap WKKF Facilitated Meeting on Organizational Learning & Systems Thinking []
*Youth Engagement Update

*Parks & Green Spaces Public Comment Period Deadline is Friday, May 16th!
*Delridge Day (and volunteer opportunities) *May is Bike to Work/School Month!
*Jersey Bike Students Protest Anti-Bike Policy *Food Costs Likely to Boost Obesity in the Poor *The Lost Supermarket: A breed in need of replenishment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Upcoming KCFFI Meetings & Events

*June 4th: (2:00-4:30pm) KCFFI Leadership Council Meeting @ Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Meeting details... []

Other Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

*May 21st: (7:00pm)Delridge Neighborhood District Council Meeting @ the Southwest Police Pricinct (Delridge Way SW/SW Webster) *Special discussion planned on Food & Fitness with Derek Birnie & Ron Angeles!
*May 31st: Delridge Day @ Youngstown
Cultural Arts Center [](details and volunteer info below) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
KCFFI News / Events
Re-capon May 7th Principles of Organizational Learning & Systems Thinking Meeting Facilitated by the WK Kellogg Foundation abstract photo with colors and shadow []
This concentrated work session strengthened the ground work we need in order to move forward in developing our community action plan for the next 8-year implementation phase. Outcomes of May 7th (DRAFT value statements):
* The King County Food & Fitness Initiative is committed to seeking out and implementing the most innovative, creative ideas to expand what is possible and make our vision reality.
* The King County Food & Fitness Initiative will inspire people to have fun because we believe that fun is a natural way to bring families and communities together through meals, recreation, celebrations, music, art, and play. Fun is an essential path to health and well being.
* Social Justice: Everyone has the right to wellness, health, opportunities, and choices.
* The King County Food & Fitness Initiative is committed to structuring our work so that youth participate meaningfully and effectively. Creating opportunity for growth through shared learning and support. Generating interest and participation by meeting young people where they are.
* Community Driven: Create a transparent and meaningful decision making process that directly involves our diverse community.
* We are a diverse and inclusive collaborative that encourages and embraces all ideas, communities and people.
For a report and notes from the May 7th meeting, please visit []
or click here []
Youth heading to Detroit for W.K. Kellogg Community Networking Conference
Five youth will join youth coordinator Quyet Huynh, and 14 others from the King County Food & Fitness Initiative Collaborative in Detroit, Michigan from June 23-26th. The King County collaborative will meet with the other eight Food & Fitness communities from around the country to build cross community relationships with youth and adult leaders, as well as promote new learning and inspire action around food and fitness. For a draft conference agenda or to learn more about youth engagement around food and fitness, visit us at [].
Contact Quyet Huynh for more information at 206-623-5132 ext 324 or [] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Other Interesting Food & Fitness News / Events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Parks & Green Space Levy Public Comment Deadline is Friday, May 16th!

A lot of folks might not be able to make the public meetings to provide input to the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Citizens' Advisory Committee. The Committee still needs to hear from you though. Visit the KCFFI website []or CLICK HERE []to make sure that your thoughts and views are expressed. This is the same form that is being filled out by citizens that are attending the public meetings this week. After you complete the form you can return it to the address on the bottom of the form or it can be emailed to

This is your chance to support your favorite project that hasn't been funded (or fully funded) yet or to suggest something new and different. Thinking outside the box encouraged!
Opinion forms received by May 16, 2008 will be part of the committee report.
Delridge Day & Community Open House
Saturday, May 31st 11am-5pm
On Saturday, May 31st, the Delridge Neighborhood Development Association (DNDA) and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center will host Delridge Day: Bridging Community through Arts and Resources. The event is an open house of the Center and a celebration of the community, featuring local performers, hands-on all-ages arts workshops, a mural project and a community resource fair. Artist residents of the building will curate a gallery and facilitate an Art Lending Library. Gabriel Teodros is the lunchtime headliner, and Youth Dance Empowerment Project will close the event in the Theater.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Sat. May 10th 10am-2pm
Meet your Delridge Neighbors by going Door-to-Door to pass out flyers. Including a community scavenger hunt & prizes!
Sat. May 17th 10am-5pm
Youngstown Clean Up! Come BBQ with residents while beautifying Youngstown Sat. May 24th noon-4pm Create and paint signs for Delridge Day at Vivian McLean Place Snacks provided! Pre-register as a Delridge Day volunteer to receive a free T-shirt!
Contact [] to sign up.

May is Bike to Work/School Month!
There are lots of great reasons to bike to work or school every day (individual health, recreation, FUN, etc.), and here's just a handful of ADDITIONAL reasons to participate in bike to work /school month! Backed by Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (the largest bike club in the nation), you and your family and co-workers won't want to miss out on these great events and incentives!

Bike to School Day and Month
Get your child involved in active transportation and help them bike to school in the month of May! The CBC Education Foundation will be helping select schools throughout the Seattle area get kids on bikes through Bike to School Month activities []
Starbucks Bike to Work Day
Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation is proud to bring you the annual Starbucks Bike to Work Day [].
Frustrated with driving? Missed the bus again? Want to find a better way to get to your work or school? Why not try riding your bike? It's fun, easy, healthy and contagious!
Group Health Commute Challenge
For the fifth annual Group Health
Commute Challenge [], teams and individuals may sign-up to compete in our thirty-day bicycle commute challenge and win fabulous prizes. During May, riders can also stop by one of our afternoon bike rallies for information, live music, snacks and great give-aways!
Check out the Bike to Work
Month Schedule of Events [].
Jersey High School Students Protest Anti-Bike Policy Posted May 2, 2008
A Jersey high school principal denies donation of a fully funded bike rack, promoting cars and bussing over biking to school:
In as much as the district provides courtesy busing to students who live within walking distance of the high school, because of the danger on Garretson Road, it does (not) make sense, in my opinion, to promote the riding of bicycles to school,"
the letter read. Read
more about students' reactions... []

Food Costs Likely to Boost Obesity in Poor
Healthier choices will be even more out reach experts say
By Alfred Lubrano
Published: May 6, 2008
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Some of the fattest people in America are among the poorest.
And with food prices rising, the problem is likely to get worse.
Tianna Gaines, who describes herself as impoverished and obese, knows this. At 5-foot-3
and 242 pounds, she lives on public assistance in Frankford and eats junk food because
it's cheap and more readily available in her neighborhood than carrots and apples.
Besides, said Gaines, 28, and a mother of three, "I don't have the money for Bally's
fitness clubs. And I can't run here. They shoot you."
More poor people may suffer Gaines' fate, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture
predicting food prices will be up 4.5 percent throughout the year, due to high fuel
costs, weather problems, and the growing diversion of corn crops to make ethanol.
Globally, prices will rise nearly 50 percent, according to the president's Council
of Economic Advisers. Read
full article... []
The Lost Supermarket: a breed in need of replenishment
By David Gonzales
Published: May 5, 2008
The New York Times
Even Kings and Queens are facing their own food crisis.
Kings and Queens Counties, that is.
A continuing decline in the number of neighborhood supermarkets has made it harder
for millions of New Yorkers to find fresh and affordable food within walking distance
of their homes, according to a recent city study. The dearth of nearby supermarkets
is most severe in minority and poor neighborhoods already beset by obesity, diabetes,
and heart disease.
According to the food workers union, only 550 decently sized supermarkets - each
occupying at least 10,000 square feet - remain in the city.
In one corner of southeast Queens, four supermarkets have closed in the last two
years. Over a similar period in East Harlem, six small supermarkets have closed,
and two more are on the brink, local officials said. In some cases, the old storefronts
have been converted to drug stores that stand to make money coming and going - first
selling processed foods and sodas, then selling medicines for illnesses that could
have been prevented by a better diet.Read
full article... []

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events you'd like to have included in the KCFFI News Reel. Simply email []
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Until next time,
Maggie Anderson
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Renton, Washington 98057

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