Thursday, May 8, 2008

City of Seattle Customer Service Bureau wants your feedback

A forwarded e-mail from Darby N. DuComb, Director, Customer Service Bureau

Dear Community Members:

As someone who lives, works and plays in Seattle, you have probably experienced some level of our service -- it could have been from a police officer on the street or a City employee answering the telephone in a downtown office.

Each year, the City of Seattle receives more than 10 million phone calls and thousands more e-mails, letters, and visits from people looking for help. Many are handled well. But over the years, some of our systems have become too bureaucratic and unresponsive. We can do much better.

The City's Customer Service Initiative seeks to ensure that we focus on our core job of providing high-quality city services. Whether its water and power, parks, or public safety, our customers are entitled to prompt, efficient and easily accessible service from the City of Seattle. We now have the capability to translate calls to our Customer Service Bureau line (684-CITY) into 160 languages, so we want to make sure people are getting the information they need.

First we should set standards and expectations, in a Customer Bill of Rights, which will be based on the following guiding principles:

Easy and understandable -- City products and services should be easy to locate and access.
Responsive -- City employees should be helpful, connecting customers with others who can help if they cannot.
Fair -- There should be no economic, social or cultural barriers to accessing City products and services.
Results oriented -- Customers should get results, not just process.

To help us develop a meaningful Customer Bill of Rights, we want to hear from you. Please take a few minutes and complete a brief online survey We will be taking input from the public until June 30. I encourage you to share this survey with family, friends, and other members of the community.

Thank you for your participation.


Darby N. DuComb, Director
Customer Service Bureau
(206) 684-CITY (2489)

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