Monday, May 12, 2008

166 New Street Tree's Planted In The Neighborhood!

From Mike Dady at the North Delridge Neighborhood Council

Hi All.

City Arborist Nolan Rundquist at the Seattle Department of Transportation has informed the North Delridge Neighborhood Council that they have finished planting 166 new street trees on portions of 25th, 26th, Alaska and Delridge Way.

These trees were funded through the Bridging The Gap tax that voters approved in the fall of 2006. These trees will receive summer time watering by the City until they are established enough to survive on their own. The City will also be providing proper maintenance pruning.
Thanks to all the neighbors who agreed to allow the City to plant these trees in front of their homes!

Additional tree planting locations in North Delridge have been suggested by local citizens for SW Genesee Street from Avalon to Longfellow Creek. These trees may be included in the City's fall planting schedule.

Mike Dady

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